bye bye good-girl

After having my heart broken into what felt like 5 million pieces, I decided to do something I never had done before. I became a man. Not in a physical sense, but emotional. I became a stone cold sex goddess. I revised my sexual desires that I had first experienced with Scott. I had my one night stands and epic sexual encounters.

Ted. My first friends with benefits. We hit it off quite well as we had the exact same sense of humor and sexual drive. We fucked mostly in his truck which was fun. It brought me back to a time in high school where sneaking around was the norm. What was so great about him was he was a little chubbier and VERY well endowed. I didn’t feel self-conscious at all. We bonded over music and our love for drinking. After shows, we would meet up and release the tensions of eye contact and arm brushes all night. I should mention that we were top secret. No one knew about our encounters and I never really asked why it was that way. I played along, with the exception of my best girlfriends of course. This went on for 2 years until I heard that he had a girlfriend whom he had been dating for the last 6 years. I grew ill to my stomach as I cant imagine someone who I had dedicated that must time into treated me that way. We remained acquaintances and she had never found out. during that time however I came to the conclusion that I was not the only girl that he had on the go. Him and his girlfriend at the time are now split up as of a year ago. Not because she found out about the cheating, but because she wanted to travel. He was heart broken about the matter and insisted that he was good to her. He was sure that she would come crawling back. I think deep down she knew how he was. After him and I stopped sleeping together he managed to sleep with two of my friends. I don’t blame them. He is charming and hilarious.



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