6 month long and ended less than a year ago. I should start by saying that he is now in a very committed relationship and has a baby. I should also say that this girl was a cause for some fights we had because they were always messaging each other. (must have been true love)

Brendan and I met at a pub a few months prior to our dating. I wasn’t attracted to him at first (seems to be a trend) and it took him 4 months to convince me to go out with him.

He was fresh out of a relationship with a complete “psycho” who from what I was told physically and emotionally abused him. We went on a couple dates before we became physical. I respected him for that considering a lot of guys cant wait to just get it in. At the time he drove a two door white truck that was cover with dust  and smelled of cigarettes. He was kissing me good night and we couldn’t stop. He was pulling me closer in and I could feel how excited he was getting with my hand. I was pleasantly surprised with the girth and found myself unzipping his pants in the truck. we decided it was time to change locations. His house was on the other side of town so we went down a rural dirt road closer to my place while I stroked him to keep him excited. He parked under a tree and I took my panties off. (luckily I was wearing a dress) I put him in my mouth and could hear him enjoy what I was doing.  He was very generous in the sense that he wanted me to feel good too. he told me to get out of the truck and I did. he brought me to the tail gate and bent me over. I liked that he was aggressive. He grabbed me by the back of my neck and that turned me on even more. He finished on my ass and wiped it off for me. (such a gent) He brought me home and I slept like a baby.

Our relationship was great. We both had a lot in common and we were on the right track. we laughed a lot together and met each others family. There were some red flags that I ignored due to my complete ignorance of the drug world.

I have always been upfront about my expectations in dating. One of my expectations is no drug abuse. He said he didn’t abuse them and I believed him. thinking about it now, he must have really wanted to impress me.

Brendan and I would drink together but he would disappear at random times and I busted him doing COKE. he said he didn’t do it often, just sometimes when he drinks. I was visibly upset and he said that he wouldn’t do it again. (liar)

Anyways, after thanksgiving and meeting his extended family in Calgary he turned 26. He had always expressed to me that he felt that he wasn’t happy with the progress of his life. there was so much he wanted to do, but felt stuck in Red Deer. He had a midlife crisis at 26. After his 26th birthday dinner with his parents I dropped him off at home. We kissed goodnight and I knew something was off with him but I brushed it off.

The next day I got a phone call from his co-worker wondering where Brendan was. It was very unlike him to not go to work. He was always a pretty responsible person, which was something I loved about him. I told him that I hadn’t heard from him this morning but I will stop by his house between classes. Brendan had given me a key to his house so around lunch time I had gone to check on him. I walked in to the house and went to the bathroom where I found rolled up 5 dollar bills. I didn’t understand what that was about but just went on with my business. after the bathroom I walked into Brendan’s room where I found him starfish naked on his bed. There was porno on the TV and he had a bottle of lube in his had that proceeded to drip on to his carpet. upon closer observation, I noticed a white substance on his nightstand and dresser. I also noticed rolled up dollar bills yet again and it finally clicked. I aggressively woke him up and he was panicked. he asked me what I was doing there and I told him. I told him it was noon and his co-workers were concerned. He seemed embarrassed and quickly tried to hide the evidence. He knew I knew what he did and he flat out asked me if it was over. I replied, yes. lets just keep in mind that this was a Monday night. MONDAY.


Needless to say, he knocked up some girl 3 months after we broke up. the same girl who he was talking to before. He didn’t get to do all the traveling and is now a father with a live in girlfriend. I wonder if that incident changed him. maybe it was his “low” point.


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