dealing-with-heartbreakMy second boyfriend was Anthony. He was my first boyfriend in high school. He was older of course and believe it or not, I was not attracted to him. Back in those days we passed notes at fear of face to face rejection.

I was a little odd in high school. I wore black 95 percent of the time and had multicolored hair. I had facial piercings and wore loads of makeup. fishnets and corsets were an everyday look.

It was after second period when I went to my locker when a 10th grader came up to me. He was tall, wore a soulfly t-shirt and had Tripp pants. He had kind eyes and a smile that you cant help but smile back at. His name was Erik. He made me blush with every word he spoke. He didn’t say much. only that he had a note that he wanted me to read. I got to third period giddy and eager to sit down for a read. It turns out that the note was not from Erik. it was from his best friend Anthony. Anthony wrote about my beauty. How he noticed me right away and how he would like to get to know me. I didn’t know what he looked like as he never introduced himself. I wrote back saying that we should meet before I say yes to his invitation. I passed my note on back to Erik and after school that day Anthony and I met at the cafeteria.

I wasn’t really attracted to him, however, it became clear to me through talking with my new girlfriends that he was popular. I agreed to hangout and get to know each other and it ended up being that we had a lot in common. Upon getting to know each other I became more and more attracted to him. We wrote notes everyday professing our love for each other. we made out in the halls as if no one was around. we were late for classes every day and sometimes we would skip.  He was a rebel. A bad influence to be exact. He was dark and mysterious, never really letting anyone in. He had these green eyes, a shaved head but still had bangs. He was everything my mom hated. We dated secretly as my parents were persistent on me not dating. Anthony was a junior and I was a freshmen. He too had a sexual past and was eager for me to be the next. I too desired him. He was my first for any kind of “heavy petting”. He was dominate and aggressive. I liked it. like teenagers do, we would find places to neck at friends, in cars and parks. One of my most fondest memories is after an aggressive make out session in the middle of winter, we walked from Andy’s house to a tree fort close by. The huge spruce tree gave us shelter from the wind along with couches to continue our play time. he sat on the recliner as I straddled him. We made out and rubbed against each other until we couldn’t hold back anymore. I pulled down him pants and got on my knees. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I could feel him enjoy it. He stopped me a few minutes into it and asked “if I wanted to”. I said yes. He was my second. I rode him on the lazy boy until he came. I of course did not. I remember it still hurt, if not more so due to his girth.  we dated for one more month until I found out he was unfaithful.

Side note- we reconnected in 2015. He’s a loser 🙂




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